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Anna Radionova

The power of a caring adult can change a child’s life

It goes without saying that all children are gifted. Each child has unique talents that should be identified and developed by caring adults. Oftentimes, children from low-income families struggle to find their calling because they haven’t been exposed to a wide range of experiences. It’s a pity, but there are many kids who require help to unleash their full potential. Encouraging shy and underprivileged kids is especially important when it comes to providing equal opportunities for children’s education and development. Care and attention can inspire vulnerable girls and boys to realize their deepest talents and desires. Our team adores making kids’ dreams come true! We do this job with the help of our “doves of peace”, willing individuals with kind hearts who serve as volunteers and sponsors.

Who We Are

Smarty Kids is a charity fund that supports structured programs focused on the overall development of children throughout the world. We are a group of concerned representatives that know how to put smiles on kids’ faces and make them absolutely happy. Our team aims to provide vulnerable children with all the things they need, including care and love, to show them their individuality and the beauty of the world they live in. Each child deserves the opportunity to try interesting activities and explore their surroundings in the best way with our support.

Our Goals

Our goals are totally clear. Smarty Kids wants to surround as many children as possible with care, attention, and love. Our sacred goal is to show kids that they have no limits for self-development and new achievements. Our charity fund seeks to inspire children to learn new things without fear of failure or other barriers. There are so many talented children who have already picked interests and hobbies but lack material or emotional support. Smarty Kids is here to:

  • Provide financial support and any necessary tools for the development of creative abilities (pencils, tablets, uniforms, club membership payments, etc.);
  • Offer moral support and motivation (including psychological counseling, professional guidance, training, etc.);
  • Improve living conditions and social status (assistance for low-income families, provision of clothes, food, stationery supplies, etc.);
  • Mentor and educate gifted children (including assistance in profiling and career counseling).

It is extremely important to be a true role model for children and shift their black-and-white perspective of the world. We bring color to the lives of both small children and teenagers alike. Thanks to this approach, all the kids obtain a huge energy boost that inspires them to create, learn, and demonstrate their curiosity and intelligence! The happier children are in our massive and challenging world, the better future we all will have. This rule works without any exceptions. Transform a child’s life today by donating to our charity funding for children. Your contribution can help bring smiles and brighten futures!

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