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This program is based on providing financial aid to low-income families and orphaned children. Our charity fund also helps kids with disabilities under the “Save the Talent” program. We believe that ALL children in the world are born talented. These gifted kids grow up in different conditions and families, but their exceptional abilities and creativity do not depend on the material status of their parents. The aim of our program is to bring all their talents to light! Good deeds, presents, donations, quality education, and timely help are critical when it comes to identifying and supporting gifted kids in need. Unfortunately, the talents of children coming from underprivileged households often go unnoticed because of their parents' low status. Furthermore, such parents may struggle to provide even basic supplies, not to mention quality educational courses or private tuition. As a part of Save the Talents program, we purchase the most necessary goods for children to promote their talents (for example, our team buys tablets, books, school bags, computers, etc.) We pay for any hobby-related classes that children would like to attend, including hobby or study groups (sports, crafts, dances, and so on). All our forces are focused on developing children’s talents and maintaining their desire to engage in their preferred activities. The program is suitable for little ones of any age. It includes various meetings, workshops, excursions, guidance activities, and other events to help curious boys and girls learn about professions, new hobbies, and their goals for the future. Kids will communicate with each other, learn new things, and progress in the field of their interest. This is an awesome chance for children to become acquainted with like-minded age-mates and unknown interests they might grow to love.

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