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When today’s kids are happy, we are guaranteed a promising future. Smarty Kids programs and separate-standing cases are designed to support our mission to grow successful, self-confident youth with individual goals and prospects for a better tomorrow. We implement new tactics and develop one-of-a-kind projects to embrace more children in need who are capable of becoming accomplished adults with open minds and kind hearts thanks to our solid support!

Smarty Kids’ scope of activities is virtually unlimited, but our primary objectives are:

  1. Accessible education for children in need. Identifying and developing kids’ talents. Providing educational and co-working spaces to foster communication between age-mates.
  2. The financial and moral support of low-income families, orphanages, and children with disabilities. Arranging and running charity/fundraising events and sponsoring programs for children.
  3. Smarty Kids tours, which provide unique sightseeing programs and brilliant traveling experiences, while helping children learn foreign languages.
  4. Running a healthcare program that is focused on providing good food and medical goods/services to children with the goal of promoting healthy habits.
  5. Sponsoring children to help provide all the necessary things for an improved and safe life full of positive emotions.

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