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We always search for new opportunities to broaden kids’ horizons in the context of traveling and sightseeing. This program is designed to introduce small travelers to a world full of various languages, cultures, places of interest, and picturesque landscapes. With the help of Smarty Kids tours, children are able to visit different countries and easily learn foreign languages in a natural context. Through our program, traveling abroad becomes accessible for low-income families and children in need! Our team promotes kids’ personal growth by planning event-rich voyages and new adventures. Our young travelers are fond of their new skill sets, knowledge about visited countries, and breathtaking activities arranged for them by Smarty Kids. Most importantly, the touring program shows children the other way of life and truly makes them citizens of the world, introducing them to the multinational global community. Our program is a wonderful chance to broaden children’s outlook and capture unforgettable moments they will remember forever.

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