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Our program is focused on fundraising to open a children’s education center. Smarty Kids seeks to make learning accessible and extremely comfortable for everyone involved. All the tutorial materials, free Internet access, food, and beverages (including snacks, appetizers, tea, coffee, etc.) will be available in the center for small students. The Smarty Kids program provides new-generation education with interesting lessons, amazing workshops, classes, and other activities. Our children’s education center will be equipped with play space and rest area. Cozy children-friendly spaces will encourage kids to learn more easily and joyfully. It is worth noting that low-income families with kids will be provided with free-of-charge entrance and in-site capabilities. The Smarty Kids education center will provide modern coworking spaces for children and their parents. In addition to training activities, kids will be able to receive psychological aid and consulting for any of their interests. With the best specialists on board, we ensure the highest quality of psychotherapeutic care. Our program is designed to provide as much love, care, and attention to young learners as possible! That is why we plan to convert all the money we raise into a much-needed establishment such as a children's educational center.

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