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We believe that each child has the potential to be a future football player, musician, scientist, etc. If we can help the future generation receive all the necessary tools and support today, we will make a difference for sure. The Smarty Kids charity fund plans to engage more and more people to join our ranks and change the world step-by-step together.

Smarty Kids Academy

In addition to motivation and psychological/financial aid, our team’s specialty is children’s education. One’s knowledgebase and skillset are their most essential tools nowadays. This is especially true when it comes to young, ambitious learners. That is why one of the goals of Smarty Kids is to establish an online school for kids of any age. Smarty Kids Academy is about comfortable remote study by using the Internet.

Online education (that includes math, foreign languages, art, and other subjects) is the way to provide children with all the necessary knowledge and skills to promote new victories and achievements. Additionally, part of the income raised by Smarty Kids Academy is used to finance charity programs for kids in need.

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